1. 2017 Poland – Paper mill

Installation of blowbeams system on 3 paper machines winders
-Steel delivery and installation of compressed air, stainless steel pipeline (approx. 400 meters)
- installation of 2 steel tanks
- installation of blowbeams on winder Rolls – 3 paper machines

2. 2017 Slovakia – Paper mill

Modernization of 2 paper machine’s drying groups.
-Replacement, optical allignment of 37 guide Rolls
-modification of strechers arrangement, bearings replacement
-machine frame reinforcement on 2 groups (dismantling of existing ones, assembly and welding of new frames, beams, painting)

3. 2017/2018 France – Paper mill

4. 2018 Slovakia – Paper mill

PM Press section modernization
-complete press section dismantling – frames, Rolls, other equipment
-installation of new frame and reused equipment
-optical allignment
*all operations finished within 4 days

5. 2018 Poland – Paper mill

Steam and condensate pipelines erection – 500 meters
-delivery of steel
-assembly and welding
-NDT tests

6. 2018 Lithuania – Paper mill

Paper machine modernization
-Installation of turbulator bars on 22 dryers - Kadant
-Installation of 4 pcs of „Valmet Felt Cleaners”

7. 2018 Poland – Mining

Conveyors supports prefabrication

8. 2018 Finland- Paper mill

9. 2019 Lithuania – Paper mill

Paper machine modernization
-Replacement of 8 pcs of steam joints (rotatory to stationary)
-Relocation and repair of doctors

10. 2019 - Shipbuilding industry

Aluminium catwalks prefabrication
-purchase of materials, machinig, welding

11. 2019 – Mining

PConveyors supports prefabrication
-purchase of materials, assmebly, welding, painting

12. 2019 – Poland – Paper mill

Delivery and installation of recovery ducts
-prefabrication and installation of ducts (galvanised and stainless steel)
-dismantling of existing ducts and fan
-installation of new ucts and fan
-insulation of ducts

13. 2019 – Germany – Paper mill

-Installation of ducts inside and outside the hood
-Fan installation
-VacRolls relocation
-Doctors relocation

14. Slovakia – Paper mill

The second stage of paper machine modernization
-Replacement of 12 drying cylinders
-52 dryer rollers and geodetic measurements